Who lived in Rogaland during prehistoric times? What did they live off of, how they did they travel and where did they come from?

Learn more about the Vikings and runes, get familiar with the Stone Age boy “Vistegutten” and a polar bear skeleton found at Finnøy. Take a time machine back to the Stone Age and go fishing in a log boat. Or play in a long house and dress up like a Viking.

Get to know Rogaland region’s history and the interaction between man and nature through exhibitions, publications, lectures and various activities.

The museum also has their own activities during the holidays and an exciting Sunday program for kids and grown-ups throughout the year.

Moreover, you can join in on the popular Tuesday lectures, where researchers hold science lecture on various topics.

In the museum cafe, you’ll be served lunch dishes, tasteful cakes, coffee and other beverages and in the Museum shop you can buy toys, gifts and books.

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