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Kojiology in Stavanger

8 January @ 11:00 - 10 January @ 15:30

Miso, Shoyu, Sake, Mirin, vinegar – everything you need for Washoku (Japanese cuisine) is based on this mold, Koji-kin aka Aspergillus oryzae. The class will take you through the history of this ancient biotechnology and how closely it has been in our daily life for hundreds of years. We try to learn that in 3 days.

Fee: 2175,- pr pers
Venue: Bellies (Støperigata 6, inngang fra Pedersgata 130)

*The contents on the day may be swapped to the other day depending on how we get on.

🚩DAY 1 / 11.00-15:30 (with lunch break)

– Drain the rice.
– Mushi (Steaming the rice)
– Tane kiri (inoculating the spores on the rice)
– Start of incubation.

– About ideal ingredients and preparation
– About ideal tools and environment setup for making Koji
– What is Koji
– About Tane Koji strain
– Overview of Koji making schedule
– Further steps of Koji making and detailed temperature control

🚩DAY 2 / 11.00-15:30 (with lunch break)

– Teire (giving hands to Koji that started from Day one).
Experiencing the status of Koji that was inoculated on Day one.

– Relationship with mycelium growth and moisture
– Making Koji from Inadama
– What is Aspergillus oryzae
– How Koji produces enzyme and the benefit
– Other strains that are found in laurel forests
– Why do we make Koji?

🚩DAY 3 / 11.00-15:30 (with lunch break)

– De-Koji (finishing the incubation of Koji)
– Karashi (dehydrating Koji)
– Preparing and tasting of some Koji-derived condiments

– Explanation of each Koji derived condiments
– Japanese Washoku food culture about Miso, Shoyu, Mirin, Sake, vinegar as well as Amazake and Shio-koji etc.
– History and culture of Koji
– How do we ferment our life?

Organized by Bellies and Midsummer Hot Sauce

Head of Malica ferments | Kojiologist | Travelling brewer | Photographer | Connecting hub for fermentation enthusiasts|Based in Amsterdam and seasonally
throwing Koji, Miso, Shoyu, Doburoku, Natto and broad range of fermentation cooking classes and popups on a journey. Organizing an annual fermentation tour,
brewery visits, field works, wild-crafting tour in Japan.


8 January @ 11:00
10 January @ 15:30
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