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The Chef’s Playground @RE-NAA

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“The Chefs Playground” 

With a seating capacity of only 24 guests, RE-NAA an exclusive dining experience, having earned a star in the famous Michelin Guide.

Here you’ll be served around twenty to twenty two dishes creatively and innovatively prepared using flavours of the Stavanger countryside. All food ingredients are handpicked by Chef Sven Erik Renaa himself, who is meticulous.

The RE-NAA studio, with its well designed furnishing and the ambience, oozes elegance. These qualities and the attention to detail make an evening at RE-NAA a unique and memorable experience. The restaurant is ideal for an intimate evening.


Address: Nordbøgata 8, 4006 Stavanger
Phone: +47 51 55 11 11
Facebook: RE-NAA